About Me

During fashion school I went to my first festival and my world completely changed. The degree that I had worked so hard for seemed so far away from this life that I wanted to live. It was then that I decided to start my company and pursue both dreams.

I noticed flower crowns were popular at the time so Flowerbuds was born! I loved all the colors! I could make different variations of different flowers, knowing each crown had their own special buyer. At this point in 2016 I was back at home living with my parents making these crowns and selling at local markets and to friends. Gotta love my parents for being there for me through this journey!

Shortly after that I noticed some custom captain hats that were coming out in the scene. I had a festival coming up and decided to make myself one. I used Swarovski crystals and even El wire to make it light up. It really was a masterpiece and I absolutely loved wearing it. I got so many compliments and once I told people that I made it, that was it. Everyone wanted one!
I changed Flowerbuds to Sparkle Head and added custom hats to my product line.

But what rave outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of shades. I began making sunglasses and got a whole new wave of inspiration. People loved the sparkle they could add at a more affordable price point.

What a journey it has been so far and I can not wait to continue growing, thanks to all of your support.

Shine bright Sparkle Queens!